To keep your relationship healthy requires good communication skills, respect for yourself and your partner, shared goals and keeping your relationship fresh with trying new, fun experiences. Here are some tips to keep your relationship fulfilling, happy and grounded.


You’re growing


A healthy relationship makes you a better, stronger version of yourself. At times when your partner irritates you, look for all that is good in them and in your relationship and your feelings will turn more positive. Growth comes from reassurance, appreciation and encouragement between you. Give each other space to follow hobbies and passions and find a hobby that you can share too.


Have fun


Couples who play together stay together. A date night can become stale if it’s always a movie night at home. Choose an activity that is new to you both whether visiting a new town or taking dance lessons.


Fight Fair


Good communication is vital. If something is bothering you, it’s best to talk about it instead of building a resentment. Approach disagreements in a mature and reasonable way that allows you to move on fast. Always be open to compromise and evaluate what your respective positions are in an argument, to stop the dispute escalating into a raging, screaming, damaging experience.


Sexual connection


Sex is important in a healthy relationship. Make time for sex. Intimacy is also important whether it’s cuddling on the sofa watching television after work or holding hands when out. Communicate openly and honestly about your feelings and your needs.


Accept change


Healthy relationships allow change in yourselves and in your relationship. Everything changes over time and that’s not something to worry about. If you can look at your love now and feel good about it, then you’re in a healthy relationship.


Happy more than you’re sad or angry


When you’re in a healthy relationship, you’re mostly contented. You’ll have down days, frustrations and feel lonely sometimes, but most of the time you’re positive about your relationship. If the majority of your time is spent feeling frustrated and upset, seek counselling.


Have a good relationship with yourself


Studies show that individuals with high self-esteem are predicted to be in the happiest and most healthy relationships. High self-esteem also makes conflict resolution easier. Look at what you do right, not only what your partner does right and you’ll have a happy, healthy relationship.