How safe is my genetic data?
Your genetic data is manually encoded when it is being entered into the database. This means that even if someone hacks into our website and downloads all our data, all they will find is meaningless numbers. We keep our experimental data on an offline computer and transfer the test results manually each time, encoding it while we do it.

What disease genes are you testing for?
We are not testing for any genes related to disease. We are testing a set of genes that form something like a biological barcode. Normally the immune system uses those genes to recognise host cells from foreign cells, but we employ it for finding the perfect date! So we are not trying to see whether you have “good” or “bad” genes, simply because they can’t be good or bad – they are just a barcode. We also test for some hypothetical personality genes but the results are not revealed to anyone so you won’t find any funny surprises.

Any other questions?
We love science questions and we want to calm any concerns you may have, so just drop us a line using the contact form and we will include the answer in this section!