The perfect genetic match
Have you been using Internet dating to find your other half? Looking for that perfect chemistry with someone you’d love? If it never feels entirely right, let us help you bring the chemistry back into your dating. Send us a sample of saliva, let us do the genetic testing and soon we’ll match you up with the perfect date!



The science behind it

There has been a lot of talk about the role of pheromones in dating, and now scientists have proven their effectiveness in determining compatible matches

Do you know the old saying that opposites attract? Well, recently it has been proven by scientists who study genes. There has been a lot of speculation about people being able to smell pheromones – never confidently detected (probably due to extremely small amounts produced by our bodies), but their effects have been shown indirectly. You may even know or have heard of the sensation when it just clicks, feels right and maybe even smells heavenly with your other half.

Scientists have found a whole set of genes that influence the production of pheromones (Wedekind et al., 2010), the chemistry that binds us. It has been shown that these genes determine the choice of partner not just in humans but in mice, birds and even fish (Boehm et al., 2006)!

But what if you don’t have the time to go around smelling people? Well, the pheromone genes are related to the immune system, which is also determined by our genetic make-up. So instead of sniffing people around you, you can now take our genetic test from the comfort of your sofa and still find a biologically compatible mate. People are more compatible when their genetic make-up is substantially different.

Lovegene provides you with a genetic test you receive by post so you can match your genetic make-up with other people, online! We do not test for pre-disposition to disease or genetic disorders, so this is not a eugenics project! We are convinced you will enjoy this extra dimension in your online dating experience.

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This has an evolutionary explanation too – if two people with completely different sets of genes against disease meet, their kids are going to gain resistance against disease from both parents. So the more diverse those sets are, the healthier the children are supposed to be.

Another study on randomly selected couples (Garver-Apgar et al., 2006) determined that those with mismatched immune system genes were more happy together and even more likely to remain faithful to each other.

It’s time to find your perfect biological match, it’s time to bring the chemistry back into your dating, it’s time for Love Gene!